Aktivitas Internasional


No Nama Instansi Jabatan Pemberi
1 Dr.Ir.Muhammad Fedi Alfiadi SonditaM.Sc The Asian Fisheries Society Councilor of the Eleventh Council from 2013-2016
2 Prof.Dr.Ir.Dietriech Geoffrey BengenDEA Balitbang KP INDESO National Capacity Building Committee Meeting 
3 Prof.Dr.Ir.Dietriech Geoffrey BengenDEA University of New Caledonia General Lecture
4 Prof.Dr.Ir.Vincentius  P. SiregarDEA LITBANG KP INDESO National Capacity Building Committee Meeting
5 Prof.Dr.Ir.Indra JayaM.Sc Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Keynote speaker onThird Technical Committee on Allocation Criteria Kish Island, IRAN
6 Prof.Dr.Ir.Indra JayaM.Sc Asian World Fisheries Formulation of TAC for Coastal Fisheries in Light of the New Decentralized Management Authority.
7 Dr.Hawis H.M.S.Pi. M.Si Australian National University  Australian National University – Indonesian Development Research Network Indonesia Project Research Grants (2015-2016) 
8 Dr.Hawis H.M.S.Pi. M.Si National Evolutionary Synthesis  Centre (NESCent) US Steering Committee Diversity of Indo Pacific Network (DIPNet)
9 Dr.Mochammad RiyantoS.Pi, M.Si IPB The Training Course for Marine Plastics Pollutan Survey in Tokyo
10 Dr.KustiariyahS.Pi, M.Si URI USA, USAID SHERA 
11 Dr.UjuS.Pi, M.Si Elsevier The most downloaded Paper in High Impact Journal
12 Dr.Ir.Luky AdriantoM.Sc PEMSEA The Associate Chair of the International Academic Advisory Committe
13 Dr.Ir.Luky AdriantoM.Sc PEMSEA The Associate Chair of the International Academic Advisory Committe
14 Dr.Ir.Luky AdriantoM.Sc Ocean University of China menjadi pembicara pada China-Asean FEN President Forum and Workshop on Marine Aquatic Technology
15 Dr.Majariana KrisantiS.Pi, M.Si Jepang  co-organizer pada Joint Field Course di Okinawa-Jepang 
16 Dr.Ir.SukendaM.Sc. FAO (Organisasi Internasional Pangan Dunia) Narasumber Workshop Udang internasional di India
17 Dr.Ir.Muhammad Agus SuprayudiM.Si. The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities 602 Top Peneliti Dunia Tahun 2017 Versi Webometrics
18 Dr.Ir.I Wayan NurjayaM.Sc College of Ocean and Earth Sciences Xiamen University Invited Speaker on workshop on the sustainable aspects of marine sciences 
19 Dr.Ir.Ario DamarM.Si SCESAP Keynote Speaker pada 1st International Colloquium on “Connecting Marine Biodiversity to People
20 Dr.Ir.Ario DamarM.Si Bremen City University of Applied Sciences Supervisor in the International Tranport and Logistics Semi-Internship Training 
21 Dr.Ir.Ario DamarM.Si UNESCO Keynote Speaker pada acara International Conference on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning UNESCO HQ Paris
22 Dr.Sri NuryatiS.Pi, M.Si. National Research Institute of Aquaculture OIE Twinning Programme Laboratory as Preparation for International Reference Laboratory for Diagnosis of KHV Disease